Jul 14 2010

New crystalhd support has landed

Category: Broadcom Crystal HD,Fedora,Linuxjarod @ 15:40

Well, it took a bit longer than I thought it would (and I suck at regular updates here), but the Broadcom Crystal HD bcm970015 cards are now working quite well under Linux. I swapped out the older 12 hardware for some 15 hardware in my thinkpad t61, and the driver now happily loads, library handles firmware uploads as appropriate for this hardware, gstreamer plugin builds, installs and even *works* using totem on fedora 13 with at least one h.264 sample clip I’ve got.

Broadcom ended up doing the bulk of the work (big thanks to Naren and his team at Broadcom), and have brought the driver and library pretty much up to full parity with their Windows driver. There’s been a lot of churn, and quite a bit of the new code (at least on the driver side) needs significant work to clean it up and make it look more like Linux kernel code before it can be sent along for upstream Linux kernel inclusion, but the important part for now is that its working.

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