Feb 10 2010

MythTV 0.23 and Arclight

Category: Fedora,Linux,MythTVjarod @ 15:34

Been meaning to post this for a few days now… I made the jump over to pre-0.23 MythTV svn builds at home about a week ago now, and along with it, picked up a copy of Robert McNamara’s excellent new Arclight theme, which from the link there, you can see is now in MythTV’s svn repo, despite Robert’s earlier plan to release the theme under a Creative Commons no modification license and a need to purchase a font (Frutiger) for use with it. Its been released by Robert as GPL, and reworked to use freely redistributable fonts, League Gothic and CartoGothic Std (both included in the MythTV svn repo, and will likely be installed for you as part of the mythtv-themes package(s) for the various Linux distros — it will be for Fedora, I’ve started building svn trunk packages for Fedora 13 (current rawhide). I haven’t seen a side-by-side comparison of screen shots with Frutiger vs. the Gothic stand-ins, but it looked damned good to me in both the earlier screenshots I’d seen with Frutiger, and as it exists now on my main MythTV frontend at home.

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