Jan 22 2010

Elgato Turbo.264 HD and Linux

Category: Linuxjarod @ 20:11

Some time ago, I picked up an Elgato Turbo.264 HD stick to play with. At the very least, its something I can use with my Mac computers under Mac OS X. In the long run, I thought it might be fun to poke at it under Linux and see if it couldn’t be made to work there. Today in #mythtv-users on freenode, Devin Heitmueller pointed me at an already-under-development libcrusher264 ffmpeg patch for it. Very cool. The HD variant I have isn’t yet supported, but its a great start. I’ll have to poke at that more some day. In the mean time, it works pretty damned well with my 17″ MacBook Pro under Mac OS X, and I’ve got way too many other things to work on with higher priority anyway…

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